24 May 2007

circle is pirüku (revisited)

pirüku = circle (noun) (some things Google found for "pirüku" or "piruku": a rare term; Piruku Cliffs and river in Guyana in South America; a last name which can be from the Solomon Islands; user names which seem to be primarily from Japan; means thin (people) in Varisi which is a language of Choiseul Island in the Solomon Islands; means again in Pitjantjatjara which is a aboriginal language of central Australia)

Word derivation for "circle" :
Basque = zirkulu, Finnish = ympyrä (mpürä)
Miresua = pirüku

Previously the word for circle was pirykä. This minor change uses my conlang modification rule which allows two y's to be replaced by a ü, and changes the final vowel.

This Miresua conlang word has been revised to remove ü (u umlaut). The word for circle is now pyrku.

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