06 December 2007

bread is golä

golä = bread (noun) (some things Google found for variations of "gola"; a common term; Gola is a British sporting goods manufacturer; The Gola are tribal people of Liberia and Sierra Leone; a last name; Marco "Gölä" Pfeuti is a Swiss rock musician; "gola" means "bullet, shell" in Bengali (Transliterated); means "throat" in Catalan; means "bone" in Cherokee; means "circular, round, gang, equivocal, ball, roll, globe, rotund" in Hindi (Transliterated); means "breeze" in Icelandic; means "throat, gullet, groove, gulch" in Italian; means "collar" in Portuguese; means "ball, bale" in Urdu (Transliterated); The Hebrew word "Gola" refers to the Jewish Diaspora; Gola is the name of places in Senegal, India, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Poland, Liberia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Croatia, and Italy)

Word derivation for "bread":
Basque = ogi (bread, wheat), Finnish = leipä (bread, loaf)
Miresua = golä

In my other conlang, Lhaesine, I've defined "gola" (no umlaut over the a) as "fat", but I'm not sure if it's a noun, an adjective, or both.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for bread is now olpi.

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