26 January 2008

small is txeni (revisited)

txeni = small (adjective) (some things Google found for "txeni": a rare term; user names; seems to be a Basque first name, musical composer Txeni Etxebarria)

Word derivation for "small":
Basque = txiki, Finnish = pieni
Miresua = txeni

My previous word for "small" was "tseni". Earlier I thought that I'd change the "tx" in Basque to "ts" in Miresua. This would have made my words more pronounceable for most people. But now I think I'll keep the "tx" intact instead of making an exception to my alphabetic mixture of Basque and Finnish. I'll admit that my new word is weirder looking, but this is a Basque related conlang and I let Finnish have its vowels with umlauts. In Basque (and Catalan) "tx" is pronounced like "ch" in English, hence this word would be pronounced "cheni".

This word has been revised. My new Miresua word for "small" is "nitxi".

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