26 October 2008

grave is hauli

haulihauli = grave (noun) (some things Google found for "hauli": an uncommon term; Tash Hauli palace in Khiva, Uzbekistan; Hauli Nach is a Punjabi song title; user names; Haili Bros is a Finnish pop / rock band; Hauli Huvila is a Finnish American campground and recreation center in California; a last name; means "bird shot, buckshot" in Finnish; name of cities in Bangladesh; name of a town in Sudan)

Word derivation for "grave" (noun):
Basque = hilobi, Finnish = hauta
Miresua = hauli

This is the word for a burial place. My definition not intended to be a comment on anything or anyone named hauli. I'm merely defining a word in a conlang language. Hauli is an alphabetic mixture of the Basque and the Finnish words for "grave".

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Mariska said...

I considered several other letter combinations for this word. Haila and Haili can both be feminine first names and Finnish last names. Huali is a brand of van in People's Republic of China. I went with hauli because it's a less commonly used term. And I like that hauli is pronounced like "howlee", which seems somehow fitting for a word for "grave".