02 September 2010

to go is moa (revisited)

moa = to go (verb) (some things Google found for "moa": a very common term; an extinct giant flightless bird of New Zealand; MOA is an acronym for Mall of America; MOA is an acronym for Minute of Arc or Minute of Angle and is a measure of rifle accuracy; MOA is an acronym for Making of America; a last name; an uncommon feminine first name; means "chicken" in Hawaiian and Samoan; name of islands in Indonesia and Australia; name of cities in Cuba, Tonga, Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Niger and Norway)

Word derivation for "to go" :
Basque = joan, Finnish = mennä
Miresua = moa

My previous word for "to go" was "moanä". After some thought, I decided to simplify the word.

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