14 January 2011

were (we were) is onime

onimeonime = were (verb "to be"/"to exist" - past tense - we were - 1st person plural) (some things Google found for "onime": an uncommon term; Onime-no-Kyō (Demon Eyes Kyo) is the main character in the Japanese manga Samurai Deeper Kyo; an unusual last name that can be Nigerian; user names)

Word derivation for "we were" (to exist) :
Basque = ginen, Finnish = olimme
Miresua = onime

Welcome new followers! I'm doing past tense conjugations of one of the two Miresua conlang verbs meaning "to be". Finnish has one verb for "to be"; Basque has two verbs, like Spanish.

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Anonymous said...

rs..funny! In my conlang "Oni me" means "They are behind". In my language Naliwo there's no verb "to be" in present tense because this characteristic grammatical i copied from Russian language.