30 April 2012

pear is pädarä

pädarä = pear (noun) (some things Google found for "padara" and "pädara": a common term; Padara is an unusual last name; Pädara is a rare last name; Padara Padara is the title of a Telugu song from India; DJ Padara; Padara is a rare first name that can be from India; padara means makes in Latvian; similar word padaria means bakery in Portuguese; Padara is the name of a place in Sudan)

Word derivation for "pear" :
Basque = madari and udare
Finnish = päärynä
Miresua = pädarä

Evidently Basque has two valid words for pear. Both Basque words contain "dar", so I used those letters when making my Miresua word. I decided to make the final letter ä (a umlaut), because the Finnish word contains three of them.

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