02 December 2012

hole is relo

relo = hole (noun) (some things Google found for "relo": a very common term; abbreviation of relocation; RELO stands for Relocation office; RELO is an acronym for Regional English Language Office (US Embassies); Relo Interiors for flooring & design services in Florida; U-Pack's ReloCube moving containers; Relo is a Dallas based rock band; Relo is a Central Florida based music group; ReLo Music Group LLC is a music production and publishing company; a rare first name; a rare last name; means rail in Esperanto and Ido; means wristwatch in Tagalog; name of a place in Pakistan)

Word derivation for "hole":
Basque = zulo, Finnish = reikä
Miresua = relo

Hole, as in rabbit-hole, is a word from paragraph three of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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