10 February 2013

chain is kete

kete = chain (noun) (some things Google found for "kete": a very common term; an unusual last name; Naia Kete is an American singer-songwriter who was a contestant on the second season of The Voice; an unusual feminine first name; traditional baskets made and used by New Zealand's Maori people; The USS Kete was a WWII a Balao-class submarine which was lost at sea; kete (or akete) drums are commonly played by Rastafarians; a Bantu language of the Democratic Republic of the Congo; name of a place in Ghana)

Word derivation for "chain":
Basque = kate, Finnish = ketju
Miresua = kete

I considered making this word katje, but that means kitten in Dutch and is a Danish feminine first name. In Miresua, "the chain" will become "ketea".

The Basque and the Finnish words are unusually similar. I bet that they are both, in some way, related to the Latin word for chain, catena.

In the second paragraph of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice considers making a daisy-chain. I'm going to deal with the words daisy and chain separately.

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