26 March 2013

world is munima

munima = world (noun) (some things Google found for "munima": a uncommon to unusual term; vaa mumina vaa is a song from a movie made in India; a rare first name that can be from Bangladesh; a rare last name; in Finnish an unusual participle form of the verb munia which means to lay an egg; similar Munim is the name of a place in Brazil)

Word derivation for "world" :
Basque = mundu, Finnish = maailma
Miresua = munima

The word world appears in paragraph four of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, but in the idiom "how in the world". Still it's a noun that could be useful.

The Basque word, mundu, comes from the Latin word for world, mundus. The Finnish word, maailma, is according to wiktionary, an ancient compound of maa (earth, ground) and ilma (air), which is an interesting derivation.

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