06 April 2013

time is debika

debika = time (noun) (some things Google found for "debika": an uncommon term; an uncommon feminine first name from India; Debika Corporation is a Japanese company which offers AXIS stationery products and DEBIKA children's products such as modeling clay; in Volapük similar debik which means indebted)

Word derivation for "time" :
Basque = denbora, Finnish = aika
Miresua = debika

The Basque word, denbora, is derived from the Late Latin tempora.

The word time appears in paragraph three of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in the phrase "at the time". It's entirely possible that Basque and Finnish use other words to express this phrase. There are other words in both languages for time, although the words I'm using seem to be the most common ones.

I have very few Miresua words beginning in D. So whenever I have Basque word that starts with D, I try to use it. In Finnish, only a few borrowed words start with D.

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