10 June 2013

rat is rato (revisisted)

rato = rat (animal) (noun) (some things Google found for "rato": a very common term; an unusual last name which can be Portuguese; a rare first name; similar Räto is a Swiss masculine name; RATO is an acronym for Rocket-Assisted Take Off (for aircraft); Rato Bangala Foundation for training primary teachers in Nepal; Chongqing Rato Power Co., Ltd. of China manufactures engines; means "mouse, rat" in Galician and Portuguese; means "short time, while" in Spanish; name of places in Portugal, Haiti and Brazil)

Word derivation for "rat" :
Basque = arratoi, Finnish = rotta
Miresua = rato

My previous word for rat was arrota.

No Basque word starts with R, instead this letter is always preceded by a vowel or a vowel combined with a second R. Finnish words can start with R. For Miresua, I chose to allow starting consonants used in Basque or Finnish or both languages. So Miresua words can start in R. Since the Finnish word starts in R, I decided to let my Miresua word do too.

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