14 September 2013

large is hurdi (revisited)

hurdi = large (adjective) (some things Google found for "hurdi": an uncommon term; crossidius hurdi is a species of beetles; Nomada hurdi is a species of cuckoo bees; a rare last name; similar "Hurdy Gurdy Man" is a 1968 song by Donovan, and a hurdy gurdy is a stringed musical instrument with a sound similar to that of bagpipes; Hurdi Hadar is the name of a place in Iraq; Hurdi is the name of a village in Maharashtra, India)

Word derivation for "large" :
Basque = handi, Finnish = suuri
Miresua = hurdi

My previous Miresua conlang word for large was dausi, which was an odd scramble of letters. The new word has more resemblance to both the Basque word and the Finnish word.

Large is a word that occurs many times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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