26 March 2014

light is varga (of color) (revisited)

varga = light (of color) (adjective) (some things Google found for "varga": a very common term; a uncommon to common last name that can be Hungarian; Varga girls refers to the pin-up girl paintings of Alberto Vargas; Varga Photography; Varga Bar in Philadelphia; Varga store is a ladies fashion boutique; Varga is a Canadian metal band; an unusual first name; a term in Indian astrology which refers to the division of a zodiacal sign into parts; Varga is a Filipino comics super heroine created in the late 1940s; name of a place in Hungary; Varga Mahala is the name of a place in Kosovo)

Word derivation for "light" (of color)(adjective) :
Basque = argi, Finnish = vaalea
Miresua = varga

My previous Miresua word for light (of color) was vigla. This change is make it similar to the noun light, my previous word.

The word light doesn't appear in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It does appear in Through the Looking-Glass, but not with this meaning.

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