18 June 2014

seven is sezpin (revisited)

sezpin = seven (number) (adjective) (some things Google found for "sezpin": a rare term; a very rare last name; name of a fictional sea in an online fantasy story; references to Sez Pin Code, where SEZ stands for Special Economic Zone in India and PIN stands for Postal Index Number; similar Sezin is the name of a place in Burma)

Word derivation for "seven"
Basque = zazpi, Finnish = seitsemän
Miresua = sezpin

My previous Miresua conlang word for seven was pesizan. The new word better resembles both the Basque word and the Finnish word.

Seven occurs a handful of times in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This is from the scene where three gardeners are painting white roses red.
..."Look out now, Five! Don't go splashing paint over me like that!"

"I couldn't help it," said Five, in a sulky tone; "Seven jogged my elbow."
This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for seven is now zasein.

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