10 November 2015

luck is zoni (revisited)

zoni = luck (noun) (Some things Google found for "zoni": a common term; Zoni Language Centers; in the Ratchet & Clank video games the Zoni are an alien race of energy beings; an unusual last name; Zōni is a Japanese soup containing mochi rice cakes; ZONI (Zebras of Northern Illinois) is a high school volleyball officials organization; Zoni's Coal Fired Pizza in New Jersey; Zoni Beach in Culebra, Puerto Rico; name of places in Greece, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Honduras and Nigeria)

Word derivation for "luck" :
Basque = zori, Finnish = onni
Miresua = zoni

My previous Miresua conlang word for luck was izon, which was a total alphabetic scramble. The word should have ended in I, like both the Basque and the Finnish words.

Another Basque word for luck is zorte.

The word luck does not appear in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, although the adverb luckily does twice.

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