06 May 2016

early is aikoiz

aikoiz = early (adjective) (Some things Google found for "aikoiz": a rare term; name of a gaming character; bad OCR of old text documents; in Finnish similar aikoa means to design to plan; similar Aikolz is user names; similar Aikou is the name of places in China and Taiwan)

Word derivation for "early" :
Basque = goiztiar, Finnish = aikainen
Miresua = aikoiz

This is a new word.

Another Finnish word for early is varhainen.

I made this Miresua conlang word 2 letters shorter than the Basque and the Finnish words. My usual rule is no more than 1 letter shorter. But in this case, I feel it's reasonable to disregard the -nen adjectival suffix on the Finnish word. And in Basque, goiz is the adverb for early.

The word early doesn't occur in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking-glass.

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