26 August 2007

are (they are) is aved

aved = are (verb "to be"/"to stay" - they are - 3rd person plural) (some things Google found for "aved": an uncommon term; a last name, notably 18th century French painter Jacques-André-Joseph Aved; Aved Electronics Inc. for cable/mechanical assemblies; Aved Memory Products for computers; AVED stands for Anti-Virus Emergency Discussion (Group); AVED stands for Automated Visual Event Detection; a user name; AVED stands for Ataxia with Vitamin E Deficiency (neurodegenerative disorder); a place in Denmark)

Word derivation for "are" or "they are" (to stay):
Basque = daute, Finnish = ovat
Miresua = aved

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "are (they are)(to be/to stay)" is now evaut.

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