14 August 2007

is (he/she/it is) is ango

ango = is (verb "to be"/"to stay" - he/she/it is - 3rd person singular) (some things Google found for "ango": a common term; ANGO is the NASDAQ stock symbol for AngioDynamics Inc., a last name, notably 16th century French shipowner Jean Ango; Ango Sakaguchi was a Japanese novelist and essayist; Ango stands for Algemene Nederlandse Gehandicapten Organisatie (Dutch: Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities); Ango Retreat on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver, Canada; means "tango" in Finnish; means "peaceful dwelling" in Japanese (Transliterated); means "you" in Kurdish (transliterated); means "draw together" in Latin; means "gape" in Maori; means "snake" in Quenya; places in The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Finland, Chad, Gabon, Nigeria, Peru, and Sweden)

Word derivation for "is" (he/she/it is) (to stay) :
Basque = dago, Finnish = on
Miresua = ango

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "is (he/she/it is) (to be/to stay)" is now ado.

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