06 August 2007

am (I am) is alon

alon = am (verb "to be"/"to stay" - I am - 1st person singular) (some things Google found for "alon": a masculine first name which may be Jewish; ALON USA has fuel (Fina) and convenience store products; Alon's Bakery & Market in Atlanta; ALON is Aluminum Oxynitride which is a transparent ceramic that can used as armor; ALON mobile software; a last name; Alôn Christian Fellowship of South Africa; Alon Inc. is an IT services company; Alon Wineries of Israel; places in Burma, Equatorial Guinea, Zambia, Russian Federation, Spain, Greece, Sweden, and Finland)

Word derivation for "am" or "I am" (to stay):
Basque = nago, Finnish = olen
Miresua = alon

"Alon" was previously the verb "to be to exist" in Miresua, which I changed to "olna". Now it's a conjugation of the verb "algo" which means "to be to stay". I rightly figured that I'd be able to reuse the word "alon" sometime.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "am (I am)(to be/to stay)" is now egon.

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