06 February 2011

hand is uskä (revisited)

uskä = hand (noun) (some things Google found for uska: a common term; Uska Dara (A Turkish Tale) is a 1953 song by Eartha Kitt; Princess Dollie Aur Uska Magic Bag (a partial remake of Disney's The Princess Diaries) is an Indian TV series; USKA is an acronym for United States Karate Association; Uska is an acronym for Union Schweizerischer Kurzwellen-Amateure (Union of Swiss Short Wave Amateurs); a rare last name; In Hindi (transliterated) uskā means belonging to (his, her, its); name of a city in India)

Word derivation for "hand" :
Basque = esku, Finnish = käsi
Miresua = uskä

My previous Miresua word for hand was äkse. I changed this word to use a sk consonant combination. The ks combination was odd.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for hand is now uski.

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