26 February 2011

mouth is axu

axuaxu = mouth (noun) (some things Google found for "axu": a common term; AXU is the AMEX stock symbol for Alexco Resource Corporation; AXU is the airport code for Axum (or Aksum) Ethiopia; Akseli Ensio "Axu" Kokkonen is a ski-jumper who grew up in Finland; user names; AXU Group LLC is a New York IT consulting company; AXU Group is a software company in Argentina; Axu (or Aqug) is a town in Sichuan, China)

Word derivation for "mouth" :
Basque = aho, Finnish = suu
Miresua = axu

My Miresua word, axu, may not look like a valid mix of the Basque and Finnish words, but it is. In Miresua, as in Basque, X is pronounced like SH. Consider this word to be ashu, which is a proper alphabetic mix, and pronounce it that way. Ashu becomes spelled axu when SH is transliterated to X. The SH consonant combination doesn't appear in Miresua.

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