14 February 2011

foot is jain (revisited)

jainjain = foot (noun) (some things Google found for "jain": a very common term; of or pertaining to Jainism which is a religion from India; a common last name; JAIN is a acronym for Java APIs for Integrated Networks; Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. of India; in Basque similar word Jainko means God; name of a city in Nepal; Jain Khan Jamali is a city in Pakistan)

Word derivation for "foot" (anatomy):
Basque = oin, Finnish = jalka
Miresua = jain

My previous Miresua word for foot was noja.

In Miresua J is pronounced like a consonantal Y in English. The word jain rhymes with the English word nine.


dwn said...

Seems apt: Jainism is from Sanskrit jina, or "overcomer", and in Hindi jaanaa is a common word meaning "to go", jaan meaning "life". Strangely, it seems Jaana is a Finnish name short for Marjaana, which in Hindi means "to die, go through death". "To go (away)" has some of these connotations.

Mariska said...

I'm glad you think jain is an apt word for foot. The Hindi meanings are quite interesting.

Jain is alphabetic mix of letters taken from the Basque and Finnish words for foot.