18 July 2011

red is gorun (revisited)

gorungorun = red (color) (adjective) (some things Google found for "gorun": a common term; GoRun Wichita for running equipment; an unusual last name; Jingmen GoRun technology Co.,Ltd of China sells polycarbonate film and sheets; in the Slayers anime series Gorun Nova is also known as the Sword of Light; means a species of oak (Sessile Oak) in Romanian; name of cities in Romania, Serbia and Bulgaria)

Word derivation for "red":
Basque = gorri, Finnish = punainen (puna)
Miresua = gorun

My previous word for red was girun. This is a small change. I dedided to use the O, even though it makes the word look more Basque-like. Gorun sort of resembles gory.

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