22 February 2012

read is lukira

lukira = read (verb) (some things Google found for "lukira": an uncommon term; user names; a rare feminine first name; Lukira (aka Rukira) is the name of a place in Rwanda; name of a World of Warcraft character; a rare last name)

Word derivation for "read" :
Basque = irakurri, Finnish = lukea
Miresua = lukira

This is another verb from the paragraph.  I haven't quite defined how it's used, or what suffixes are used with it.  I think I need to study more about Basque verbs.


Nakassawa | Língua Ranzinza said...

Hi, Mariska!

I enjoy your conlang, it's creative. How can I know more about it's grammar?


Mariska said...

Thanks for your kind words.

Grammar in Miresua is a work in progress. For instance, there aren't many verbs. Miresua doesn't have grammatical gender, but it will have multiple cases, and be agglutinative.

Unlike Basque, Mireusa won't be an ergative–absolutive language. Unlike Finnish, Miresua doesn't have vowel harmony.