05 May 2006

fish is naka

naka = fish (creature) (noun) (some things Google found for "naka": a very common term; Naka Herbs & Vitamins Ltd. of Canada; NAKA stands for National Association of Korean Americans; Naka Wanna Villa, Phuket, Thailand; name of four districts in four different prefectures of Japan; a last name, notably Japanese-American bonsai artist John Y. Naka; "Keimusho no naka" (2002) and "Yabu no naka no kuroneko" (1968) are Japanese movies; Naka Ward in the city of Yokohama Japan; user names; means "in, inside" in Japanese (Transliterated); means "of" in Ateso, a language of Uganda; means "barrier, inlet, apex, nose, nozzle" in Hindi (Transliterated); means "be beautiful" in Kalanga, a language of Zimbabwe and Botswana; means "ear" in Mayo and Pima Bajo, which are Uto-Aztecan languages of Mexico; means "filth" in Ruguru, a language of Tanzania; means "flute" in Sotho (Northern), a language of South Africa; means "how" in Wolof, a language of Senegal; places in Mali, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Zambia, and Indonesia; an area in Kenya)

Word derivation for "fish" :
Basque = arrain, Finnish = kala
Miresua = naka

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for fish is now arkil.

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