15 May 2006

ghost is meva

meva = ghost (noun) (some things Google found for "meva": a common term; MEVA Formwork Systems of Germany; MEVA screening equipment for wastewater in Sweden; Meva is a Czech manufacturer of waste management containers; MEVA project to modernize the aeronautical fixed services in the Caribbean Basin area; MEVA stands for Missão Evangélica da Amazônia which does missionary work in Brazil; MEVA stands for Military Equipment Valuation and Accountability; Mor, vida meva (1996) is movie from Spain; Meva International makes rustic and antique reproduction furniture; user names; Hotel Meva Paradis in Sainte Marie Madagascar; a first name; means "my" in Catalan; means "dry fruit" in Hindi (Transliterated); means "pretty" in Malagasy; means "fruit" in Roshani, a language of Tajikistan; places in Turkey and Pakistan)

Word derivation for "ghost" :
Basque = mamu, Finnish = aave
Miresua = meva

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for ghost is now aume.

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