06 March 2009

mother is ima

imaima = mother (noun) (some things Google found for "ima": a very common term; a feminine first name, notably Texas philanthropist Ima Hogg; Ima Robot is a rock band based in Los Angeles; IMA is an acronym for Indianapolis Museum of Art; IMA is an acronym for Indian Medical Association; IMA is an acronym for Interactive Media Awards; IMA is an acronym for Interactive Multimedia Association; a last name; means "prayer, devotions, petition" in Hungarian; means "now, current time" in Japanese (transliterated); means "also, what" in Quechua; means "there are, there is" on Serbo-Croatian; means "hint, imply" in Turkish; name of cities in Japan, Central African Republic, Portugal, Congo, Morocco, and Angola; name of towns in Papua New Guinea, Russia, and Indonesia)

Word derivation for "mother" :
Basque = ama, Finnish = äiti
Miresua = ima

This is a new word, not a revision.

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