14 October 2010

it is esa (revisited)

esaesa = it (pronoun - 3rd person singular, inanimate) (some things Google found for "esa": a very common term; ESA is an acronym for European Space Agency; ESA is an acronym for Ecological Society of America; ESA is an acronym for Entertainment Software Association; user names; a masculine first name that can be Finnish; in Spanish feminine form of "that" and similar word "ésa" means "that one"; name of cities in Nigeria, Norway, Japan and Sweden)

Word derivation for "it" :
Basque = bera (or hura), Finnish = se
Miresua = esa

My previous Miresua conlang word for "it" was "ser". I'm going to use "bera" as my Basque source word, because I used "hura" for "he and she".

Finnish has a 3rd person pronoun for it. Basque doesn't, the same pronoun as for he and she is used.

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