18 October 2010

they (inanimate) is enak (revisited)

enakenak = they (pronoun – 3rd person plural; inanimate) (some things Google found for "enak": a very common term; title of a 1992 Polish movie drama; Enak KL is a Malay cuisine restaurant; Enak Enak is an Indonesian restaurant in London; Enak's Tears (aka Terrestrial Forms) is a piece of art at the Museum of Modern Art; Enak (aka Anak) is a Biblical masculine first name; a rare last name; means "delicious, tasty" in Indonesian and Malay; means "same, equal" in Slovenian)

Word derivation for "they" (more than one inanimate thing) :
Basque = berak/haiek, Finnish = ne,
Miresua = enak

My previous word for "they" (inanimate) was "ena".

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