02 May 2011

isle is ilari

ilariilari = isle (some things Google found for "ilari": a very common term; an uncommon masculine first name, notably Finnish professional poker player Ilari Sahamies; an uncommon last name; in a Star Trek Voyager episode The Ilari are humanoids from the planet Ilari in the Delta Quadrant; Ilari Perfume)

Word derivation for "isle":
Basque = irla, Finnish = saari
Miresua = ilari

Back to geography terms. This is the Miresua word for isle, a smaller island. I'll make another word for island, because Basque has another word for island that appears to be used for bigger islands, plus it's similar to the Basque word for archipelago.

The Basque word irla is from the Spanish isla which is from the Latin insula.

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