10 May 2011

swamp is sungi

sungisungi = swamp (noun) (some things Google found for "sungi": an uncommon term; Sungi Development Foundation of Pakistan; an unusual first name; a rare last name; name of a river of Bali, Indonesia; leptolalax sungi is a frog species endemic to Vietnam; name of cities in Indonesia and The Philippines)

Word derivation for "swamp (or marsh)":
Basque = zingira, Finnish = suo
Miresua = sungi

This word can be used for marsh as well as swamp. I'm going to make it sort of a general word for wetland.

In Miresua ng (velar nasal, as in English word sing) is not an allowable digraph. It isn't in Basque, and it appears to be uncommon in Finnish. So for this word, the n and g should be in separate syllables.

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