26 September 2014

carrot is azporano (revisited)

azporano = carrot (noun) (some things Google found for "azporano": an unique term, did not match any documents; similar Vie A-Z Porano lists streets in the town of Porano in central Italy; similar az Porano in Hungarian texts refers to same town in Italy)

Word derivation for "carrot":
Basque = azenario, Finnish = porkkana
Miresua = azporano

My previous Miresua conlang word for carrot was azporena. This is a small change, part of my ongoing effort to lessen the words ending in -A.

The word carrots (plural) appears once in Through the Looking-glass, about the White Knight.
"There are so many candlesticks in the bag." And he hung it to the saddle, which was already loaded with bunches of carrots, and fire-irons, and many other things.

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