02 September 2014

orange (fruit) is laperani (revisited)

laperani = orange (noun) (some things Google found for "laperani": a rare term; perhaps a very rare Italian name; user name; similar Laperan is a rare last name; similar Laterani were a family in ancient Rome whose properties were confiscated by the Roman Empire; similar Laperian is a place in the Philippines)

Word derivation for "orange (fruit)" :
Basque = laranja, Finnish = appelsiini
Miresua = laperani

My previous word for orange (fruit) was aperina. I'm changing this word so that it doesn't end in -A, and also to use the common letter L. As a bonus, the new word looks less like the English word apple.

The Basque word for orange, laranja, is the same as the Portuguese. The Finnish word for orange is apparently derived from Old Swedish appelsin, meaning "Chinese apple".

The word orange occurs in once in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, when Alice fell down the rabbit-hole.
She took down a jar from one of the shelves as she passed; it was labelled 'ORANGE MARMALADE', but to her great disappointment it was empty...
This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for orange (fruit) is now laperni.

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