14 June 2015

sheep is ladis (revisited)

ladis = sheep (noun) (Some things Google found for "ladis": a common term; an unusual to uncommon unisex first name; unusual last name; LADIS is an acronym for Large Scale Distributed Systems and Middleware which is professional workshop conference; Dimensional Demonic Dragon, Ladis the Tyrant is a monster card in Future Card BuddyFight card game; LADIS is an acronym for Legislation and Development Information Systems which is an Egyptian IT solutions company; name of a place in Tyrol, Austria)

Word derivation for "sheep" :
Basque = ardi, Finnish = lammas
Miresua = ladis

Earlier this month I posted aras as my Miresua word for sheep. Somehow that just didn't seem to be the right mix of letters. So I've redone the word for sheep, again.

The word sheep occurs once in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, I quoted that earlier this month. In Through the Looking-glass the word sheep appears around twenty times.
Alice rubbed her eyes, and looked again. She couldn't make out what had happened at all. Was she in a shop? And was that really -- was it really a SHEEP that was sitting on the other side of the counter?

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