14 June 2007

he/she is bän

bän = he/she (pronoun - 3rd person singular, people and animals) (some things Google found for "bän": an uncommon term; appears on numerous gobbledygook Vietnamese pages; similar word "bàn" means "table" in Vietnamese; a user name)

Word derivation for "he/she" :
Basque = bera, berak, hura, hark, harek Finnish = hän
Miresua = bän

Basque and Finnish agree that one pronoun can be used for both he and she. OK, Miresua will do that. But Basque traditionally uses demonstratives (this, that, yonder) instead of a third-person pronoun, which I found rather surprising. The third-person pronoun "bera" is a recent addition to Western varieties of Basque.

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. For the Basque pronoun I'm using what my Basque text book uses, hura. The word for he/she is now här.

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