18 June 2007

it is ser

ser = it (pronoun - 3rd person singular, inaminate) (some things Google found for "ser": a very common term; one of two Spanish verbs that are equivalent of "to be" in English; SER stands for Society for Epidemiologic Research; SER stands for SIP Express Router; SER Solutions Inc of telemarketing; SER is the acronym for the Society for Ecological Restoration; SER stands for Sociedad Española de Radiodifusión (Spanish Society of Radio); "ser" means "see" in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish; means "beget, bind together, bring forth, compose, cultivate" in Latin; means "cheese" in Polish; means "to be" in Spanish and Portuguese; means "serum" in Romanian; places in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Mali, Spain, Senegal, Nigeria, and Romania)

Word derivation for "it" :
Basque = bera (hura)/berak, Finnish = se
Miresua = ser

Finnish uses a separate 3rd person pronoun to refer to animals and things. Basque doesn't traditionally use such pronouns, but in cases when one is used, it's the same as the pronoun for he and she. Miresua is going use one 3rd person pronoun for persons and animals (animate), and another pronoun for things (inanimate).

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "it" is now "esa".

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