30 June 2007

they (inanimate) is ena

ena = they (pronoun - 3rd person plural, inanimate) (some things Google found for "ena": a very common term; ENA stands for Emergency Nurses Association; ENA is a technology company based in Nashville; ENA stands for Ethiopian News Agency; ENA is the AMEX stock symbol for Enova Systems Inc; ENA Couriers of Seattle; Ena is a feminine first name; ENA stands for Energy Networks Association; ENA stands for Ecovillage Network of the Americas; ENA stands for European Nursing Agency; a last name; Ena is the name of places in Japan, Spain, Solomon Islands, Indonesia, Kenya, Sweden, and Iraq)

Word derivation for "they" (more than one inanimate thing) :
Basque = haiek, Finnish = ne,
Miresua = ena

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "they" is now "enak".

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