18 June 2008

ass is irpe

irpeirpe = ass (noun, profanity) (some things Google found for "irpe": an uncommon term; IRPE stands for Iowa Recognition for Performance Excellence; IRPE Prize (International Recognition of Professional Excellence) honors young ecologists; at Troy University IRPE stands for Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness; user names; Irpe Spa company of Italy; obsolete English word meaning "a fantastic grimace or contortion of the body")

Word derivation for "ass" (or "arse") :
Basque = ipurdi, Finnish = perse
Miresua = irpe

As in English, this word can be used as a profane term for the buttocks or a mild swearword.

Usually I like to make my Miresua words the average length of the Basque and Finnish words. This word is a letter shorter, but that is within my allowable range. At four letters, it's an even alphabetic mixture -- it contains the two common letters (p and r) and a vowel from each the Basque and the Finnish words.

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