14 June 2008

hell is vertuni

vertunivertuni = hell (noun) (some things Google found for "vertuni": a rare term; an unusual last name, or perhaps a misspelling of Italian name Vertunni; On EVE online game universe Vertuni Logistics Fleet Support is a corporation; similarly named "Ventuny" is a town in Ukraine)

Word derivation for "hell" :
Basque = infernu, Finnish = helvetti
Miresua = vertuni

The Finnish word "helvetti" is apparently the mildest of the "Big Five" Finnish curse words. It even starts like the English word "hell".

The Basque word looks like the English word "infernal", which is derived from Latin. Basque is a language peculiarly lacking in swearwords, but you can be told to go to this "not nice" place.

Notice that the Basque word contains a "f". This is the first "f" I've encountered in building Miresua words! The letter "f" is rarely used in Basque, and not used in Finnish, except for in loan words. I eliminated "f" from my Miresua conlang because Finnish uses the letter "v". In English "f" and "v" are similar in pronunciation, both are what is called labiodental fricatives.

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