06 June 2008

shit is kaspa

kaspakaspa = shit (noun, profanity) (some things Google found for "kaspa": an uncommon term; user names; musician Kaspa da Ghost; a last name or part of a last name; Kaspa Transmissions of New Zealand; KASPA commercial refrigeration of Bulgaria; a first name that can be feminine from India; KASPA stands for Kansas Association of School Personnel Administrators; means "excessively, to surpass" in Ainu which is a nearly-extinct language of Japan; means "bad" in fictional language Cipsa; means "corn cob" in Quechua which is a major Native American language of the Andes region of South America; places in Nepal and Russia)

Word derivation for "shit" (crap) :
Basque = kaka, Finnish = paska
Miresua = kaspa

I think my conlang needs some swearwords. Finnish is a language that truly excels in cursing, and Basque is a language almost lacking in swearwords. This Basque word is obviously borrowed from the Spanish word "caca".

This word will be used as it is in English, a mild swearword that can be mean "crap" or "shoddy" or "broken". Basque and Finnish seem to use their words this way too.

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