30 July 2008

and is ta

tata = and (conjunction) (some things Google found for "ta": TA stands for Teaching Assistant; TA Associates is a private equity investment firm; stands for TravelCenters of America which is a U.S. truck stop chain; "Ta" is the symbol for chemical element Tantalum atomic number 73 which is a rare metal used in surgical instruments; means "thank you" in British, Australian, New Zealand and South African English; means "the" in Czech; means "thy, your" in French; means "pick up, lay hold of, take" in Norwegian; means "take, lay hold of, pick up" in Swedish; cities in China, Japan, Thailand, and Sweden)

Word derivation for "and" :
Basque = eta, Finnish = ja
Miresua = ta

I realized that I could really use a word for "and" in Miresua. It would be helpful in composing phrases. I'm trying to work out some Miresua conlang grammar on my blog Tynsa irebä : Channeling the Green Girl.

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