10 July 2008

fox is tuare (revisited)

tuare = fox (noun) (animal) (some things Google found for "tuare": an uncommon term; a place in Indonesia on the island of Sulawesi (formerly known as Celebes); a last name that can be from Oceania; a first name that can be masculine; misspelling of Tulare which is a city and county in California; misspelling of Tuareg who are a nomadic tribe of the Sahara or Touareg which is a SUV made by Volkswagen)

Word derivation for "fox" :
Basque = azeri, Finnish = kettu
Miresua = tuare

This is a small but notable change. The previous Miresua word for "fox" was "taure". I'm changing the vowel combination from "au" to "ua". For a long time "au" has been a valid diphthong in Miresua. I pronounce "au" as "ow" in "cow". I've been avoiding using "ua", despite it being in the name of this conlang, because I wasn't entirely sure how to pronounce it. I think I'll pronounce "ua" like in Spanish, as in the word "guacamole".

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for "fox" is now "kezi".

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