06 July 2008

horse is heldan (revisited)

heldan = horse (noun) (animal) (some things Google found for "heldan"; an uncommon term; The Heldan is the title of a fantasy book by Deborah Talmadge-Bickmore; Heldan Galesong is a NPC fisherman game character in World of Warcraft; a last name that can be Finnish; user names; misspelling of the name of dance music record producer and remixer Armand Van Helden)

Word derivation for "horse" :
Basque = zaldi, Finnish = hevonen
Miresua = heldan

This word has been changed. My previous Miresua word for horse was lehoza.

I'm looking back at some of the earlier words I created in Miresua. Now I that I've been working on this conlang for several years, and I'm more experienced at combining the available letters, I can see that some words in this created language work better (and look better) than others.

This word has been revised. My new Miresua word for horse is zaven.

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