06 September 2008

mountain is nuodi (revisited)

nuodi = mountain (noun) (some things Google found for "nuodi": an uncommon term; Guangzhou Nuodi Audio Co., Ltd and Nuodi Audio (Loxi&Sound) Tech Co.,Ltd of China; Langfang Nuodi Non-excavation Technology Reaseach and Development Center of China; user names)

Word derivation for "mountain" :
Basque = mendi, Finnish = vuori
Miresua = nuodi

Finnish has an abundance of vowel combinations, more than I use in my Miresua conlang. To help make up for that, I'm now allowing the UO vowel combination in Miresua. It'll be pronounced like WO.

My previous word for mountain was neuri. That word unfortunately made me think of the English word "neurotic", which is not something I would want to associate with a mountain. My new word is similar to the word "node", which I think is preferable.

This Miresua conlang word has been revised. The word for mountain is now mordi.

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