28 September 2008

where is nosä

nosä = where (adverb) (some things Google found for similar word "nosa": a very common term; NOSA is an acronym for Newport Ocean Sailing Association of California; NOSA stands for NOAA Observing System Architecture; NOSA is an acronym for Nordic Society for Aerosol Research; NOSA stands for Northern Outlaw Sprint Association which promotes sprint car racing in the upper Midwest; NOSA stands for National Oil Shale Association; NOSA stands for The North Saanich Dog Obedience Training Club in Canada; "nosa" means "ours" in Galician which is a language of northwestern Spain; a last name; a place in Malawi)

Word derivation for "where" (static) :
Basque = non, Finnish = missä
Miresua = nosä

This posting isn't asking where one could find nosä, it's telling you my Miresua conlang word for "where" is "nosä".

This word is more limited in its usage than the English word where. This is a so-called static version of "where" as opposed to a "where to" or a "where from". It would be used to pose the question, "Where are you?"

This Miresua conlang word has been changed. The word for where is now nonäs.

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