18 September 2008

sword is mezaka (revisited)

mezaka = sword (noun) (some things Google found for "mezaka": an uncommon to rare term; a city in Iraq; a last name that can be Latvian; So Che Da Mezaka Asman Wee (So long as there is the earth and the heavens) was the anthem of the Afghan Republic from 1973 to 1978 ("mezaka (or mdzéka) seems to mean "earth" in Pashto when transliterated); name of an EverQuest II character)

Word derivation for "sword" :
Basque = ezpata, Finnish = miekka
Miresua = mezaka

I'm redoing this word. My previous Miresua word for sword, kiteza, was an alphabetic scramble. I believe that my new word, mezaka, is a more interesting mix of the Basque and Finnish words.

This Miresua word has been changed. The word for sword is now mekata.

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