18 November 2010

are (they are) is orva (revisited)

orvaorva = are (verb "to be"/"to exist" - they are - 3rd person plural) (some things Google found for "orva"; an uncommon term; Orva shoes and Orva Hosiery Stores in New York; an unusual feminine first name; a rare last name; ORVA is an acronym for The Oregon Virtual Academy; ORVA is an acronym for Ouachita River Valley Association of Arkansas and Louisiana; means "apple" in Quenya; name of a town in Wisconsin)

Word derivation for "are" (they are) (to exist) :
Basque = dira, Finnish = ovat
Miresua = orva

My previous Miresua word for "are (they are)" was "odva". My new word is somewhat less odd.

There is one conjugation of this verb (to be/to exist) in the present tense that remains the same, that isn't being revised. The word for "is (he/she/it is)" is "oda".

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