22 November 2010

big is osa (revisited)

osaosa = big (adjective) (some things Google found for "osa"; a very common term; OSA is an acronym for Optical Society of America; OSA is an acronym for Obstructive Sleep Apnea; Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica; a last name; an uncommon first name which can be feminine; means "axis" in Czech; means "part, role" in Finnish and Estonian; means "wasp (insect)" in Polish, Serbo-Croatian, Slovak and Slovene; conjuations of the verb "to dare" in French, Spanish and Italian; means "she-bear" in Spanish; means "to smell, to reek" in Swedish; name of cities in Nigeria, South Korea, Russia and Italy)

Word derivation for "big" :
Basque = handi, Finnish = iso
Miresua = osa

My previous word for "big" was "oni". I changed the word because I need "oni" to be a verb conjugation instead - my first modification for that reason. The new word is merely an OK alphabetic mix, but it works great for making the compounds words for grandmother and grandfather

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