06 July 2014

thousand is mihat

mihat = thousand (number) (noun) (some things Google found for "mihat": an uncommon term; an unusual to rare last name; a rare first name; may mean something in Armenian; Mihat (aka Kayacik) is a place in Turkey)

Word derivation for "thousand"
Basque = mila, Finnish = tuhat
Miresua = mihat

This is a new word, not a revision. I'm admittedly fudging the date on this post.

The word thousand occurs twice in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Then came a little pattering of feet on the stairs. Alice knew it was the Rabbit coming to look for her, and she trembled till she shook the house, quite forgetting that she was now about a thousand times as large as the Rabbit, and had no reason to be afraid of it.

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